The White Collection  

Check out the pictures below to see platform beds, day beds and bunk beds. All share the option of under bed chests or trundle. 

Case Good features:

* Construced from solid wood.

* Fully assembled. Just screw on the knobs.

* Side mounted Euro Rollers with built in safety stop.

* Recessed back for increased strength.

* Anti-Tip restraint with the Five drawer chest.

Under bed options:

* Under Bed Chests T/F

* Under Bed Chests Wide Q/K

* Under Bed Chest 53”

* Under Bed Chest 60”

* Twin Trundle”

Product update - The Milan platform bed is now 2” taller and has a longer center support beam that attaches to a metal bracket on the foot board.

  The dimensions of the white collection are located under the pictures at the bottom of this page.


Venice Platform bed queen: 17”x63”x82” white, espresso

Milan Platform bed twin: 40.5”x42”x77” white, espresso

Milan Platform bed queen: 40.5”x63”x82” white, espresso

Del Rey head board only twin: 42.25”x44”x9” white, espresso, pecan

Del Rey head board only full: 42.25”x59”x9” white, espresso, pecan

Del Rey head board only queen: 44.25”x65”x9” white, espresso, pecan

Del Rey as complete bed twin: 42.25”x44”x84” white, espresso, pecan

Del Rey as complete bed full: 42.25”x59”x84” white, espresso, pecan

Del Rey as complete bed queen: 44.25”x65”x89” white, espresso, pecan

Cottage Day Bed: 41.5”x42.25”x77” white

Naples Bunk Bed with staircase: 67”x102”x43.5” white, espresso

Night stand: 23”x22”x17” white

Five drawer chest: 45”x33”x17’ white

Double Dresser: 30”x55”x17” white

Mirror: 39”x31.5”x2” white

Desk KD: 30”x44”x22” white

UBC T/F: (2) 12”x37”x21” all finishes

UBC Q Wide: (2) 12”x39.5”x21” all finishes

UBC 53” Jumbo: (1) 12”x53”x21” all finishes

UBC 60” Jumbo: (1) 12”x60”x21” all finishes

Trundle T: 11”x74”x41 all finishes